Your Duties and Responsibilities as a Parents

responsibilities of parents

Becoming a parent is the most beautiful moment in life which cannot be expressed properly in words and is nothing less than an honor. But at the same time, it is a huge responsibility of parents because the entire life and future of a child or children are at the parent’s hands and mercy. It is all in your hands and, if you want you can make him a good person in society by proper guidance and training him well, or if you want, you can make him the worst person in society by not training him and getting rid of him. There is not even a single child bad in the world but the parents made him good or bad as they are.

By knowing parental duties and responsibilities you build a secure future and a good life for your children. Being a parent in the true meaning is more difficult than assumed. True parenthood and fulfilling all the rights and duties of children in the way they are entitled to be not an easy task as look.

Here in this article, we will talk about the duties and responsibilities of parents and will discuss how parents guide and train their children.

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Responsibilities of Parents

Below are the checklists of what parents are responsible for. These are the basic rights of children and the duties of parents to fulfill them in the true sense.

1. Provide Shelter

Providing a safe place and torture-free environment where the child feels secure and safe is the basic responsibility of the parent. The parents should be made it clear that the house is baby-proofed and that there are no such things that harm the child.

2. Provide Healthy Food

Parents are responsible to provide health and nutrition-filled food for their children. The children don’t know about what type of food they need to eat and what type they don’t need. This is the parent’s responsibility to take care of their health and provide them with healthy meals like fruits, milk, vegetables, meat, etc as per their requirements.

They also need to make sure that their children are prevented from alcohol, harmful, and non-ingestible drinks. At the time of childhood, the children need clean and pure water, the parents need to provide clean and pure water for drinking.

3. Provide Clothing and Medical

Children cannot manage their own clothes. This is the parent’s responsibility to take care of children’s clothing. Parents should provide clothes according to the weather and condition.

Diseases usually occur very quickly in children which has a huge impact on children’s health. Parents should need to take care of their children’s health and in case of illness immediately consult a doctor and give him proper medical care

4. Provide Protection

responsibilities of parents

Children do not understand their own good and bad. This is the parent’s responsibility to protect them and teach them what environments are beneficial and what are harmful to them. The parents have to tell their children to whom they can talk and to whom they can’t. This is the responsibility of the parent to teach their children how to talk with friends, elders, and strangers.

The parents need to have an open conversation with their children so the children can discuss all topics and issues freely with their parents.

5. Provide Learning and a Safe Environment

Children are observers. They observe everything around them. The parents need to give their children a learning environment in which they observe learning activities. Such a learning environment will be very beneficial for him later on in their life. Children’s memory is very strong. Children have the ability to pick everything very quickly. If parents create a learning environment for children and teach them good things, then they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Parents are prohibited from mentally, physically, or emotionally torturing their children. The children have the right to live in an environment where they feel comfortable and should be no kind of pressure on them.

6. Tech them Morals and Values

Children learn morals and values by watching their parents. Mother’s cradle is the first school for a child. This is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children morals and values during preschool time. When they grow up these morals and values will be their part of personality.

Parents should need to teach their children honesty, generosity, respect for everyone, patience, compassion, responsibility, and forgiveness. These are the qualities of a good person.

7. Spend Quality Time with Children

Childhood is the phase of life where the child needs the most attention and time from the parents. The parents need to give proper time to their children, especially at the early stages.  Her parents make a big mistake, they bring all the comforts and toys of the world into the lap of the child to make the child happy. By doing this, they think we fulfilled our responsibility.

Due to not giving time to the children, they become the victim of an inferiority complex. That’s why a parent should first give time to their children before anything because they are the assets of the parents.

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