What Makes a Good Student? | Qualities of a Good Student

what makes a good student

In school, college and university students are going to gain knowledge and learn new things but all students are not good students. All the students in any education institute are not the same. There are some qualities and characteristics that make a good student and make him different from other students.

It is a misconception that a student needs to have an above-average IQ (intelligent quotient) level to get good grades and comes on the list of A+ students list. Every student has the potential to top the class but he/she just needs to have a positive attitude, diligence, and hard-working.

What Makes a Good Student?

This is the question that not just comes into the minds of every student but as well as their parents also ask the same question because every parent want the success of their children.

Here in this article, I will show you some secret habits, qualities, and characteristics that not just make a successful student but also help in their professional life.

1. Eager to Learn

eager to learn

A good student always wants to learn new things and gain knowledge as much as possible. There are students in the class who learn what the teacher teaches them but a good student does not stop here, he/she tries to put extra effort to learn from A to Z everything.

 A good student has the quality to make the topic interesting for yourself to understand properly. this habit of learning not just help him to get good grades in exam but also comes beneficial later in his practical life.

2. Goal Driven

There is a common rule to achieve anything. No one can reach his destination until he knows the proper path goes to it. A good student knows what he will have to do. He is not waiting for the instructions of his teachers or the announcement of the examination. He mentally prepares for every situation from the very first day.

A good student has both short-term and long-term goals to achieve get good academic grades and become a successful student. Short-term goals help him in daily and weekly tests while long-term goals help him to get good grades in the final term examination.

3. Diligent and Hard-working

“Talent without Hard-working is nothing”

Knowledge is something that you can never acquire until you give it all yourself properly. No one can become a good student if he doesn’t work hard and is diligent. A good student is always diligent and hard-working. He puts in extra effort and spends extra hours at the night studying books and completing assignments.

Hard work is the key to success in every field of life. If you want to become a good student, you need to overcome laziness and procrastination.

4. Punctual

Punctuality is one of the main characteristics of a good student.

There is a famous saying that doesn’t leave today’s work for tomorrow

A good student is one who completes his work on time, whatever work he gets he ends it on time and does not leave it for another day. Often students have the problem that the teacher gives them homework but they don’t complete it on time and leave it for tomorrow. They do the same every day. At last, due to overwork, they couldn’t do a single day’s homework.

5. Consistent

Consistency is the other name for a good student. He learns slowly but consistently.

Once a wise man says “Consistency is more beneficial than talent”.

No matter what happens, a good student sticks to his routine and study. He never allows ups and downs in his study routine. He does one thing at a time but continuously. If you want to become a good student so keep in mind that without consistency, you will never be able to achieve this goal.

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6. Culture of Reading

culture of reading

According to research, the most important thing to ensure the student’s academic success in school, college, and universities in the culture of reading. A good student will love reading books.

A good student studies whenever he gets the time that time becomes precious. Reading books is an entertaining and beneficial hobby. When a student starts enjoying studying, then he doesn’t do other things other than studying.

Try to make reading your hobby, that will help you more in your student’s life and later in your professional life.

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7. Confident

A good student doesn’t worry about applying different strategies instead he has the habit of applying different strategies to study more effectively. He believes in himself for what he is doing whether it is difficult or easy.

Confidence is a good quality a person has. A talented student doesn’t participate in many contests and other things as a confident student does.

To get more confident in yourself

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8. Able to Deal with Failure

Failure is the first step toward success. A person can’t feel the real happiness of success until he has seen the failure. Failure is the first step in the learning process.

A good student does not fall by failure and mistakes but learns from failures and succeeds because of mistakes.

But unfortunately, some students once they fail, they give up easily and leave the study.

Success and failure both are part of life as a student and most important as a human being you have to prepare mentally for both.  

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