What Makes a Good Citizen? Responsibilities of a Good Citizen

what makes a good citizen

When we use the word “Citizen” for a person, it has many meanings. A citizen may be a member of a community. He may be a member of a specific village or city. But a good and complete definition of a citizen is “a person who is a member of a particular country and has rights because of being born there or because of being given rights, or a person who lives in a particular town or city”.

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What Makes a Good Citizen

Now, we know a citizen but what makes a good citizen? This is the question that comes into every individual mind when we think about a good citizen. Because we all live in a specific country. This is the country that gives us a special identity and being a citizen of a country it is our responsibility to be a good citizen of that country.

When it comes to the question, what makes a good citizen? And what are the basic responsibilities of a good citizen? The public has a long list of responsibilities in which there are some duties and responsibilities that are not at all on the citizen’s head.

Here in this article, we will talk about what makes a good citizen. And the basic duties and responsibilities of a good citizen.

1. Loyal to the Country

what makes a good citizen, qualities of a good citizen

The basic quality and responsibility of a good citizen are that he/she will always be loyal to the country where he/she was borns. A good citizen will always involve in those kinds of activities and functions that bring the name of his country UP. He should see his country above everything even above himself… He gives priority to his country in all other work no matter how important it is. He is always mentally, financially, and physically ready to defend his homeland from enemies.

2. Obeys the Law

The most important quality that makes a good citizen is obeying the law of his country in every situation. A good citizen always obeys the law that his country made for him. He will not do any such things that go beyond the rules and laws of his country.  He doesn’t even think about breaking the rules and laws of his country no matter how much he is getting damaged.

Being a good citizen, he knows how to uphold the law. He knows that these rules and laws are made for his betterment. He also knows that the loss of breaking the law will only be on me and society, that’s why he tries to uphold the laws.

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3. Pays Taxes

paying taxes, qualities of a good citizen

A good citizen should always pay all kinds of taxes which are structured by the country properly and within the given time. He does not cheat in paying taxes. He knows that I also have the benefit of paying the tax money and he knows that is the tax that helps develop the economic situation of the country.

If a person lives in a country with peace and order, then it is necessary for that person to pay the country’s taxes on time so that the country can provide more facilities for him.

A country runs by the taxes of its citizen, If everyone evades paying taxes, the country will be in deficit very quickly. That’s why being a citizen of a country we must have to pay all kinds of taxes in order to help in developing our beloved country.

4. Keeps Surroundings Safe and Clean

A good citizen always has quality habits. He likes peace and order himself and gives peace to other people too. He is known that if every one of us lives in peace, then there will be peace in society and when there is peace in society, there will be peace in the whole country. A good citizen has huge respect for other people no matter what his religion is. He has no concern for other religions and faith, being a good citizen he respects every religion and culture.

Along with peach and prosperity, he also likes cleanliness. A good citizen knows that being citizens of the country we have to keep the environment of our surroundings neat and clean.

He plants a tree in the spring season because plants have a great role to keep the environment safe and clean.

5. Stays Honest and Helps the Needed

stay honest and help the needed, what makes a good citizen

Famous saying

Honesty is the best policy

A good citizen always shows honesty in every work he does. He doesn’t try to misguide or cheat any person in any way. He believes that dishonesty is not the quality of a good citizen.

Along with honesty, he also always helps those people who are in need, especially older people. He does not consider it a favor to help the old people and children, but he thinks that it is our responsibility to help these people.


In conclusion, I must say that just these responsibilities do not make a good citizen rather, one has to do a lot to become a good citizen. But these are the major qualities of a good citizen that a citizen must have these qualities for a better society and for a better country. Every individual has a specific role, and when we all play our role with true intention So our society and country will be on the path of development very soon.

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