Responsibilities and Duties of a Teacher

Responsibilities and Duties of a Teacher

The responsibility of a teacher does not just stand with a blackboard in the front of a class and deliver the lecture but the duties and responsibilities of a teacher are beyond delivering the lectures.

A teacher has a wide range of duties and responsibilities that He has to perform well and good no matter what the situation is. A teacher has great responsibilities from work into planning and conducting a successful lesson to maintain the class, bring positive change in the behavior of the students, and become a source of motivation to them.

Here in this article, I will discuss the duties and responsibilities of a teacher and in what situation a teacher goes in order to perform his duties and responsibilities in the true sense.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Teacher

A teacher’s responsibilities start from preparing an informative and beneficial lecture for which he reads all the stuff related to the topic and gathered the main points together so that students can take full advantage of the lecture. At the same time, a teacher also looks after his every individual student, provides them with life lesson materials that bring a positive change in their lives, and inspires and motivates them when needed.

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The responsibilities of a teacher also vary from place to place depending on the focus of their classes and on the level that they are teaching.

However, the main responsibilities and duties of a teacher are as follows:

1. Mentor

duties and responsibilities of a teacher

A teacher is like a father, mentor, and sometimes like a friend to their students. Especially at a young age like during school time the student usually observes the behavior, habits, and movements of the teacher. At this time the students try to be like their teacher because this is the stage where the students learn norms and behavior. The advice and instructions given by the teacher are taken seriously and most of the time they act like the teacher says to them.

This is one of the difficult responsibilities put on the teacher because one of their mistakes can destroy all the behavior of a student. A teacher should need to look at his students like his sons and do proper mentoring to them.

2. Planning for Lectures

A teacher can’t just enter the class and start delivering the lecture without preparation and studying the topic before. If a teacher does this, he is doing against roles and also such a teacher often gets into trouble because he has not prepared and the students ask him questions about the topic and he cannot answer them.

A teacher needs to put the effort in order to prepare the lesson and try to know how much the students already know about the topic. A good teacher also tries different techniques to deliver the lecture in the way it can be delivered.

3. The Participant

A teacher is a great participant in order to improve the learning environment of their classroom. He participates himself in different learning activities along with their students to courage them and show them how to participate in a learning activity to enhance their learning skills.

A teacher needs to be trained about that type of activity and not become too much involved that the students stop taking participation in learning activities. he should need to involve in a way that the students learn how to perform the activity successfully on their own. A good teacher knows how to encourage his students so they become more optimistic and enthusiastic about different learning activities.

4. Help Students Achieve Good Grades

duties and responsibilities of a teacher

A teacher’s responsibility is not just about delivering the lectures and completing the course which is given by the school principal but a good teacher must help students in different ways to achieve the best possible grades in the subject.

A teacher also shows planning to students that how to prepare themselves for long tests and the final examination. From planning lessons and lectures to co-curriculum activities, a teacher helps the students to schedule their daily study routine.

5. A Good Listener

A good teacher is always a good listener. He is always listening to the student’s opinions with an open heart. Listening to the students is an important factor in developing a relationship between students and teachers. The students also want to set in the class of a teacher who listens to their problems and tries to solve them.

A teacher who is a good listener to their students will also understand the needs and problems of students.

6. A Role Model

A teacher is a role model for thousands of students. The students consider their teacher as a role model. They observe every act of their teacher very carefully with full attention and try to act like their teacher.

The students don’t listen to their parents as they listen to their teacher. A gesture from the teacher is enough for the student.

Therefore, a teacher needs to show the right path to his students and make them good citizens of the nation.


The duty and responsibilities of a teacher are beyond from just delivering lectures and handling the classroom. A teacher is the teacher of not just his students but the teacher of a whole society. Teachers are considered the heroes of the nation, their duties and responsibilities are to train the young generation and lead the young generation.

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