How to Teach Yourself a New Language | Best Ways to Learn a Language Fast

how to teach yourself a new language

There are more than 7,100 languages in the world. There are millions of people who speak and understand each language—learning a new language other than the mother language offers countless opportunities.

Many people have a dream and want to speak and understand different languages. Still, unfortunately, they are told that learning a language, especially a second language is almost impossible and out of reach. Before learning they worried about how to teach themselves a new language and assume that they cannot learn.

How to Teach Yourself a New Language

Learning a new language isn’t as difficult as we think. Learning a new language just needs your attention, practice, and your passion for learning. If you want to teach yourself a new language and looking for the best ways to learn a language fast, there are tons of the best ways to learn a language fast.

Here in this article, I will try my best to help you in this regard and show you the best ways to learn a language fast and free.

1. Learn the Basics of the Language

The basics of a language are very important in every language. It helps a person to speak the language correctly and according to the rules. A person who learns the basics of the language at the beginning will learn the whole language easily as compared to those who learn it later.

Before going to learn any language first, try to understand the basics of that particular language. Understanding the basics of a language is everything at the beginning.

2. Study the Grammar

how to teach yourself a new language

In learning any new language, understanding the grammar is one of the most toughest and important parts of the language. To learn any language, there is a specific grammar rule you must understand to speak that particular language according to their native speakers.

The grammar of every language is not the same, there are more chances that the grammar of your target language is quite different from the language you speak so you don’t have to worry about that. Learning the grammar of a language is a time taking task. Spend some time learning the parts of speech, word phrases, subject, verb, and the structure of the sentence.

These are things that are learned once and will help you in the whole journey of learning a language by yourself.

3. Practice with native speakers

You will learn the language when you talk in that particular language. When you don’t talk in that language, how would you be able to understand that language?

Finding a native speaker would be your first step to learn any particular language. Talking to a native speaker will give you the courage to speak and think in that particular language.

I know it is very difficult at once to change your language from a native to a foreign but it will give you a great push to learn another language. When you start talking to a native speaker, you will not just speak in the target language but at the same time, you will also start thinking in that language.

How to find native speakers

Many people know the value of talking to a native speaker to learn any language, but they don’t and find it difficult to find native speakers.

Social media is the best way to find the native speakers of your target language. There are a lot of people using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. These platforms made it very easy to find native speakers of any language in the world.

4. Improve Vocabulary

improve vocabulary

Vocabulary is considered the backbone of any language. The more you know the vocabulary, the more you will know the language.

Start learning those words that you would use in daily life like the house, school, kitchen, road, hospital, teacher, hotel, etc. these are the words that are used in everyday life.

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5. Watch movies and listen to Radio

Learning from movies is one of the interesting and enjoyable ways to learn a new language. Start watching movies in the language you want to learn instead of watching them in your own language. Similarly, read story books in that new language, and when you go for a long drive listen to the radio while you driving.

When you watch movies and listen to music or radio in your target language, try to figure out how many words you understand and how much you don’t.

Try to write those words which you don’t understand and check their meaning in the dictionary.

6. Practice constantly

best way to learn a new language fast

Practice makes a man perfect.

It is very important to practice daily, not just for a couple of days. Consistency and practice is the key to success. No matter what are you learning, if you are consistent and practice daily you will get it no matter what happens.

When you follow these steps with consistency you will get the perfect result sooner or later. The best way is to make a schedule for yourself and strictly follow it.

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