How to Stay Awake in Class | Tips to Not Fall Asleep

How to Stay Awake in Class

The most difficult thing for students is to stay active and awake in class, especially when they are tired and the lectures are boring because every student thinks that boring lectures can be the best sleeping pill ever.

Sleeping during class is not just embarrassing but also dangerous for studying. Falling asleep in class can cause poor academic performance. Regularly taking classroom naps can develop into a habit, that can cause many problems later in your life

Why do you fall asleep in a classroom?

There are a lot of factors that can become the cause of classroom naps. If you are a night rider or had a bad sleep or night, then it’s difficult for you to stay awake in class and probably you will fall asleep in the middle of classes which affects your academic performance.

There is also a compound in our body called adenosine. The level of adenosine increases when you are waking continuously. When you fall asleep, then adenosine breaks down, and its level going to decrease.

How to stay awake in class

To keep yourself awake during classes, you have to participate in the various functions of classes

Following are the best ways to keep yourself awake in class.

1. Take a shower in the morning with cold water

If you are worried about staying awake in class, try to take a shower in the morning daily with cold water. Coldwater can increase alertness and activeness, and improve energy levels in the body.

 Taking shower with cold water can also increase productivity and motivation, which results in the feeling of accomplishing something. To accomplish something you have to wake up in class and listen to the teacher carefully.

2. Avoid late-night activities

To wake up early and stay all day fresh and productive, especially alert and awake during class, you have to stop the late-night activities.

If you want to wake up early in the morning and stay active all day then you need to stop all kinds of late-night activities and sleep 10-11 PM.

3. Drink fresh water to stay active

The institute where you are studying allowed you, to bring a water bottle with you to class. We highly recommend you take a water bottle with you.

Whenever you feel your eyes are closing and your head drooping, drink some water. It will refresh you and give you a little life throughout the lecture.

4. Participate in different activities

participate in different activities

Try to engage yourself in different class activities. being actively engaged in something like taking notes, asking questions from teachers, or classroom discussion doesn’t allow you to fall asleep and keep you awake and active.

In the middle of lectures, To keep yourself busy, do a conversation about the lectures with fellows and ask them questions related to the topic. These types of different activities keep you from snoozing during the lecture.

5. Take some fresh air

Taking some fresh air is another impactful way of staying awake in class. Deep breathing in fresh air slows your heartbeat, improves your blood oxygen level, and lowers your blood pressure.

If you are snoozing or stuck in the classroom, taking a few deep breaths can help you to refresh.

6. Sit upright

Sitting right plays an important role in staying awake in class. It allows you to become more engaged in the lecture. If you sit right and in front of the class, you will more likely to pay attention to the lecture and listen to the teacher carefully.

Also sitting in front of the teacher, you will scare of getting scolded by your teacher for snoozing and falling asleep, so you will actively take the class with open eyes.

7. Take short notes

Taking short can give you two benefits. Taking short notes can be helpful for both staying awake in the class and preparing yourself for the examination.

Instead of looking around for nonsense and writing down everything the lecturers say, try to put key points and make short notes of every lecture. To make short notes you will stay awake and active and listen to every word of the teacher carefully.

Before the examination, you will be grateful to yourself for these little efforts.

Final thoughts

Sleeping and snoozing during class is the problem of every other student, and in this article, we have learned and discussed how to get rid of this problem.

The tips that how to stay awake in class are provided above can help concentrate and focus and your study and maximize your learning.

Try these steps in your real life, you will see a good result after a few weeks.

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