How to Stay Active All Day | 5 Beneficial Tips

how to stay active all day

Everyone wants to live a happy and productive life. For a productive life, it is necessary to stay active every time, meaning all day. Living an active life can not just help you to be more productive but it can also help you to stay healthy and fit throughout your life. Staying active all-day helps to reduce health problems, help to manage the weight which is a problem for most people, reduce the risk of disease, stress, and diabetes, and improve your mental health condition.

how to stay active all day

In today’s life, everyone spent most of the time sitting on the disk, in the car, couch, or front of a TV Screen. Sitting most of the time creates laziness, reduce mental and health condition, and affects the productivity of a person. Research shows that too much sitting can become the cause of breast and colon cancer and take years off your life.

If you have the habit of sitting everywhere and your days are wasted because of laziness and inactivity and want to stay active all day, You are in the right place. Here in this article, I will give you some simple tips and strategies you can use to stay active all day.

5 Tips for How to Stay Active All Day

1. Wake up early in the morning

Waking up early is one of the secrets of successful and productive people. Every productive person will give you one piece of advice to wake up early in the morning. Waking up early had countless benefits. A person who wakes up early is active all day. Early wake-up gives you more time to spend with nature and yourself, and to do more exercise before work.

Some ways to get up early

  • Seep early
  • Set an alarm
  • Avoid late-night activities

2. Walk as far as You can

how to stay active all day

When it comes to staying active walking will be the most important step. Walking is the best way to improve your physical as well as mental health.

Walking for 30 minutes a day will strengthen your bones and muscles, reduce fats and calories, and improve your fitness. All these things are the basic requirements to stay active all day.

When you make a schedule for your daily routine, make sure to give at least 30 minutes to walk. These 30 minutes will help you more to stay active. The best time for walking is morning time because in the morning time the air is fresh. Walking and breathing in fresh air help you improve mental health, reduce stress levels, and improve your productivity.

Some ways to build a walking habit

  • Take the stairs
  • Go to the office by walking instead of bike or car
  • Walk with a dog or other pet
  • Walk to park

3. Move While You Work

Sitting in one place all day doesn’t allow you to stay active all day. Most people get lazy because they have the duty of little work like opening the door for someone or the duty to pick up calls. Instead of sitting on a chair all day, try to move and take some steps after every 30 minutes. These little moving and taking some steps will help you to stay active all the day during working time as well in the home too.

Some ways to fidget while working

  • Taking some steps
  • Busy your hands
  • Busy yourself with chewing gum
  • Move around after 30 minutes

4. Do little exercise while watching Movies

how to stay active all day

 The best way to stay active all day no matter what you do is light exercise and move your body. When you watch TV or movies the best way to stay active is to move your legs, and do some push-ups, especially during commercial breaks. Keep yourself busy with chewing gum, eating snacks is another way to stay active while watching TV

Ways to stay active while watching TV

  • Jumping jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Chair squats

5. Do Cooking and dusting in your Spare Time

Generally cooking is not a proper exercise but cooking almost gives the same benefits as the light exercise gives us. Doing proper cooking you can enjoy and also get the chance to eat healthy and tasty food of your own hands.

Cleaning and dusting is another way to utilize spare time to stay active all day. By cleaning your house you also get the exercise on your muscles, hands, and feet.


If you haven’t been active for a long time and want to change yourself and stay active all-day, start from basic and then you can gradually increase it. change doesn’t come at once, you will have to struggle and show consistency.

I’m sure following these above steps will improve your activeness.

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