How to Memorize a Paragraph Easily and Quickly

how to memorize a paragraph easily

In school, college, and university every student has a problem with memorization because in education institutions most of the activities are related to memorization. Memorizing a paragraph is the basic step to learning how to study more effectively. A student good at memorizing paragraphs will also be good at memorizing long passages and speeches.

A student whose memory is good and who memorizes every paragraph fast and quickly is good in the eyes of a teacher and also gets good marks on tests and exams.

There is no doubt about it that sometimes good memory is a GOD-gifted quality that He doesn’t give to everyone but there are some people to whom He gives this gift. A student whose memory is not good as other students can also memorize a paragraph and passage fast and quickly as other (GOD-gifted) students memorize.

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to memorize a whole paragraph but if you follow the right strategies of memorization, you will find it very interesting.

5 Tips and Strategies to Memorize a Paragraph Easily and Quickly

Here in this article, I will show you some secret tips and strategies for memorizing any paragraph quickly and easily. Learning these secret tips and strategies to memorize a paragraph quickly and easily will help you remember everything you learn in school or read in books and magazines.

1. Try to Understand the Paragraph First

The basic principle to learning and memorizing anything is to understand first what you are learning or memorizing. Information that is given in the paragraph if you understand it and make sense to you, will be easier to memorize.

If you find it difficult to understand what is written in the paragraph, first spend some time understanding properly it before going to memorization. This technique will save a lot of your time from wasting.

2. Memorize by Sentences

how to memorize a paragraph

If the paragraph you are going to memorize is long and covered more than one topic, then you need to divide your paragraph into short phrases you understand. Break your whole paragraph and write them into small phrases as you like.

Start reading each small phrase into a loud sound, and after 2 to 3 minutes trying to speak without looking at the page. As you do so ask yourself whether you strongly memorize it or not. If Yes, step towards the next phrase and continue this process till the end of the paragraph

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3. Record What You’re Memorizing  

When you want to memorize a paragraph quickly without making a lot of effort, you just need to record what you are going to memorize. You can use your mobile phone or a recorder to record the paragraph.

Try to record yourself saying each of the sentences of the paragraph you want to memorize. Don’t worry if your voice isn’t perfect, you just need to pronounce every word correctly.

Once you have done the recording, then try to listen to your recording with full concentration and focus on the meaning of the words. Due to this method, you will retain things faster.

4. Write Down the Paragraph

how to memorize a pragraph

It is fact that a person remembers quickly what he writes instead of reading other hand’s writing or reading in a book.

Once you understand the meaning of the paragraph, now what you have to do is to write every single word of the paragraph with your own hand. Don’t worry if you make spelling mistakes, it will solve once you memorize them properly. when you are writing the paragraph, try to say every word aloud and clear your concept as well.

Writing every word of the paragraph you are trying to remember, will help you retain everything accurately.

5. Organize Your Sleep Routine

Research shows that your brain continues working and stores the information while you are sleeping.

Organizing a sleep routine is very important for memory reconstruction. Make a schedule for yourself and try to sleep at the same time every day. This will help you in increasing your memory and you will feel relaxed.

While sleeping the brain works on what you have done before sleep. Try to read the full paragraph or just review it before going to sleep. It will help to memorize everything faster.


Whether you want how to memorize a paragraph quickly and easily, the above tips and strategies will help a lot in this process.

While you memorize something try these strategies, you will find it easy to remember them.

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