How to Learn English By Yourself

how to learn english by yourself

When a person wants to learn the English language. A question must come to his mind, will I be able to learn the English language myself?

If you also want to learn English and exactly that question came to your mind too. And you don’t know the answer, where I will be able to learn English myself or not?

The solid answer is “Yes!”. It is really possible and you can learn the English language by yourself. No doubt learning English by yourself can look difficult and challenging but it is possible. You can learn and improve all the basic skills in language i.e reading, writing, speaking, and listening even when no one is physically around you, and you are alone.

This modern technology especially the internet makes everything fast and easy and also English can be learned easily with the help of the internet by yourself. Before this technology and internet, it was too difficult and the options for English learning were also limited. You either had to join an academy or hired a tutor to teach you the English language, or you had to buy books related to the English language and grammar to read on your own.

After the internet, all of this is changed. The Internet had given unlimited options and opportunities to learn the English language. As a student of the English language, you can use and take benefits from e-books, different mobile apps, youtube, google, and many more.

Here I will show you some of the best ways to learn English by yourself.

5 Best Ways to Learn English by yourself

1. Listen to Everything In English

One of the four basic skills of learning a language is listening. If you want to learn English by yourself you shouldn’t ignore the importance of listening and sounds to make your journey easy and fast. The more you listen the more you will feel confident in speaking and know about the pronunciation because listening put a direct impact on your speaking skills.

Following are the things you follow to listen more.

  • Audiobooks: listening to audiobooks will give you two benefits. Instead of buying and reading a book you can just download audio books and listen in your free time like when you are driving. The other benefit is that listening to audiobooks will increase your listening skills which will directly improve your speaking and communication skills.
  • Radio and Music: Radio is a good source to start listening to something in English. The good thing is to start radio to listen to current affairs news, talk shows, and other different programs. In programs, they speak slowly and clearly which helps you to catch all words easily and develop pronunciation.

It is fact that everyone loves to listen to music. So, instead of listening to music in your local language, try to listen to music in English. This will help you to understand different lyrics.

2. Use Mobile Apps & Applications

how to learn English by yourself

In the era of technology, nowadays almost everyone uses mobile and the internet. Instead of wasting time on different useless things, install English apps and applications that will help you

  • Improve your grammar
  • Expand your vocabulary
  • Reduce your spelling mistakes
  • Improve your communication skills

3. Reading Books

Reading English books is a good hobby to improve your English by yourself. Start reading English books from basic. The benefit of reading English books is that you will know a lot in a very short time. The positive use of mobile sometimes gives you very important and beneficial e-books which you can download easily.

Want to improve your reading skills, Read the Article: How to Improve Reading Skills | Benefits of Reading Books

4. Start Writing

To start writing, starting online blogs is the easiest way to improve your English and develop your writing skills.

If you are a beginner and can’t do writing, It’s OK. You can start writing from the basics. The easiest way to start writing is to write your daily routine (what you have done all day) before going to bed.

5. Set Goals for Yourself

how to learn English by yourself

You can’t achieve something without planning and setting goals for yourself. If you start something even learning English without plans and goals, in the beginning, you will lose your motivation and give up easily.

Before starting your practice, it is very necessary to make plans and goals and set a daily schedule for yourself. Try to strictly follow your daily schedule and stay consistent.


Learning English by yourself is not as difficult as you think. Once you start and follow these steps which are given above, you will realize how interesting this is. If you follow these steps with consistency you should be able to learn English by yourself.

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