How to Improve Communication Skills in English

How to improve Communication skills in English

English is the most talkative language in the world. Understanding and speaking English can open many life facilities and possibilities. Having a strong grip on English, especially in communication can open the way to success in personal life and career as well.

More than One and Half Billion people speak English. In these 1.5 billion people around 379 Million have a first language and native speakers of the English language, others haven’t the first language they learned.

If English isn’t your first language and want to learn English, you might think you need to pass the special exams like IELTS or TOEFL then you speak English properly, but the reality is the opposite, you can learn English without these exams by practicing and putting continuous effort on communication skills to speak well.

How to Improve Communication Skills in English

There are plenty of methods and techniques to improve communication skills in English but here, in this article, I will tell you the most effective ways to improve communication skills in English.

1. Build Your Vocabulary

build vocabulary in English

Learning new words is a good way to improve communication skills in English. Use new, appropriate, and according to the situation in conversation put good impression on other people which can help to boost confidence and communication also.

The good method is to learn three new words daily, if it looks hard at least learn one word. After one year you will learn 365 new words, by learning one word daily.

2. Find a Native Speaker

How to improve Communication skills in English

Talking to a native speaker is the best way to improve your English communication skills. Try to find a native English speaker with whom you can practice English regularly. If it is hard physically, you can find someone on social media like Instagram, Facebook,  Snapchat, and other platforms to connect digitally and practice conversation skills.

3. Watch Movies in English

How to improve Communication skills in English

Movies are the best choice to utilize your spare time. Instead of watching movies in the local language, you can choose to watch English movies.

Watching English movies can help you understand English better and improve your communication skills.

You can listen to music in English along with movies to help more in improving conversation skills.

4. Read Books Aloud

How to improve Communication skills in English

If you prefer reading books over watching movies, then try reading books out loud. By reading aloud you will hear your own voice which has two benefits. It will be easy to remember new words for a long time by seeing and reading and will improve your reading skills.

5. Watch News in English

Try to follow one English news channel along with newspapers, magazines, and broadsheets. It will help to keep up to date yourself with current affairs. Another benefit is you will be able to pronounce words correctly.

6. Talk to Yourself

How to improve Communication skills in English

If you didn’t find a native English speaker and no one around you speaks English then the best way to practice is to talk to yourself. Repeat with yourself what you learn. Think in English and whenever you become alone start talking with yourself ask questions yourself and answer them yourself

The more you practice with yourself, the better your English communication skills will become.

7. learn the Natural flow and Improve Pronunciation

every language speaks better and is more beautiful in its own flow. English has its own flow and rhythm. When you speak English try to speak in its natural flow and accent, It will help you to improve your communication skills.

Pronunciation has its own role in a language. Try to pronounce every word correctly to speak good English.

8. Body Language

How to improve body language

In communication skills, your body language is everything. Body language includes your way of talking, eye contact, facial expression, gestures, and smile.

I have written the article How to Improve body language and the Secrets of body language. Check it out to improve your body language.

9. Practice, Practice, And Practice

I’m sure you will hear the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”. This is the fact that practice can make you perfect in every field of life. If your communication skills are already quite good still have to practice with consistency to be more perfect.


The most important skill which is a necessity in every field of life is communication skills, especially in English. If your communication skills are good the chances of your success will increase.

If you want to improve your communication skills, especially in English, follow these simple steps for three to four months with consistency then give me your valuable feedback, on how much communication skills are improved with these steps.

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