How to Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

how to develop emotional intelligence

Everyone wants in this world to be successful and live a happy life. There are some important skills that are very necessary to achieve this goal, and emotional intelligence is one of them. Especially when comes to happiness, emotional intelligence [EI] matters equal to intelligence quotient [IQ].

Emotional intelligence not just boosts and improves your personal life but it can also have a great impact on your work and professional life. Emotional intelligence helps to build strong relationships with people surrounding you. It helps you to succeed at school, work, and achieve your desired goals. The ability to self-control and emotions can maintain success in all areas of your life.

The good thing is, that you can develop and improve your emotional intelligence to make your life easy and achieve your goals quickly.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

what is emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence [EI] which is also known as Emotional quotient [EQ] is the ability to identify, manage, and understand your own emotions to express where it is needed in respectable and helpful ways to give benefit those around you and also relieve your stress.

 The proper use of emotional intelligence helps you to communicate effectively with people, overcome your challenges, and save you from conflicts. A person having strong emotional intelligence can understand the emotions of people surrounding him and respond to them in a supportive way.

Why Emotional Intelligence is so Important for a Successful Life

The importance of emotional intelligence can be gauged from this that no matter how much intelligence quotient [IQ] level is high, without emotional intelligence [EI] a person can’t succeed in both personal and professional life, because having a strong intelligence quotient [IQ] isn’t enough to achieve success in life. Yes! It is true, that IQ can help you in a lot of things but it is your EI that will help you to manage stress and control emotions when you face difficulties in life.

Emotional intelligence can affect your mental health, physical health, social intelligence, performance at school and workplace, and your relationship with others. in short, your emotional intelligence [EI] has a great impact on every aspect of your life.

6 Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence [EI]

Here are the 6 Practical ways which can help you to develop your emotional intelligence.

1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness is the key element of emotional intelligence. It is the ability to understand your mood, behavior, attitude, and emotions with yourself and with other people at a certain time.

Without understanding the problem, you can’t fix it. To improve your EI you have to be aware of your emotions and how it affects people around you.

2. Show Empathy

Showing empathy is another element of emotional intelligence. Empathy simply means understanding the feeling of people who lives with you.

Empathy is the practice of putting yourself in others’ situations and understanding their feelings. We can really understand their situation through the lens through which they live. Through practicing empathy regularly we can build emotional intelligence [EI] by seeing the feelings of people who live around us.

3. Forgiving other

Most people when they hear about forgiving others, they think it is a huge task that required great encouragement. But the reality is opposite. It is very simple and easy. Forgiving is something that let you go from negative emotions. To forgive someone you have to consider his perspective and feel his emotions.

For Instance, if someone cuts you off or little harsh with you, rather than angry with him, assume that he will be in tension or stressed that’s why.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you are weak or in the wrong direction but it is a sign of successful people.

4. Communicate effectively

Just as communication skills are necessary for a successful life, it is necessary for emotional intelligence too. Knowing what to say and how to say your statement about something in a particular situation. A person who communicates effectively and expresses his feelings in a proper way has more chance to have strong emotional intelligence too.

5. Make connections with people

how to develop emotional intelligence

No matter how much introverted you are, in order to develop emotional intelligence, you have to make a strong connection with people. If you are too shy, in beginning try to just listen to other people and slowly show your interest in conversation on your favorite topic.

Making connections with people helps you understand their feelings and emotion and you would communicate with them in a better way.

6. Always stay positive and open-minded

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will”.

Nothing is more beneficial than staying positive in every situation. Emotionally intelligent people can understand the delicacy of the occasion. When you can stay positive and stressful situations then you will be able to calm other people. If you can’t stay positive in a negative situation then how you will solve the problem.

In order to develop emotional intelligence [EI], you will have to be open-minded with positivity. Because open-minded people are easy to get in touch with him because they are good listeners and can understand the perspective of another person

Final thoughts

Success and Emotional intelligence are inseparable. The one who has worked on emotional intelligence and improved it. Success will be the destination of this person.

Therefore, if you also want to be successful in your life, must follow these simple steps with consistency, you will see a change in yourself in a short period of time.

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