How To Become A Good Reader

How To Become A Good Reader

Everyone wants to read more books and acquire knowledge in their life. How to become a good reader is the question of every person who wants to achieve their reading goals and to read as many books as possible.

Reading books is a type of habit that have multi intellectual, empathetic, and personal benefits. Through reading books a person gets a chance to read about the life of successful people and learned a lesson from them. Reading is a good way to discover new things, ideas, the concept of life, places, and the minds of people.

You may have heard many times that successful spend most of their time reading different books. They succeeded after reading many books and learning from them.

If you also want to read books more and more but you failed to read. You are in the right place. In this article, I will show you simple and easy ways to become a good reader and read as many books as you want.

How To Become A Good Reader

Here are the 4 simple and easy ways to become a good reader.

1. Don’t overwhelm the study

How To Become A Good Reader

This is the best way to create a love of reading in yourself and continue reading for a long time. Never let study overwhelm you in life. A book is like a friend and a new person. When you go to meet a person, he doesn’t need to give you 5 to 6 hours. Maybe he gives you 10 minutes and sometimes 20 minutes. When you meet him for 15 minutes to 20. It is not possible for you to know everything about life in this one meeting. If you learn one thing and it comes in handy in your life, that is worth it. There was no loss of time rather, time was precious

The same goes for reading a book. In the begging just read books, don’t take the tension of retaining but only focus on reading. If you learned just one thing from the whole book, that’s good and beneficial. Read the same book after 2 or 3 years, you will learn new things from the old book that you have read before.

Read one book five to ten times. I’m sure every time you will learn new things.

2. Choose the Number of Pages You Want to Start

The second most important thing to become a good reader is, that you just have to choose a number that covers how many pages you want to read each day, I suggest starting from 10 pages. Set aside study time for yourself too. No matter whatever happens in your life, promise yourself that you will not sleep without reading 10 pages of the book.

When you follow this process for a month or two with consistency and you stand on them, then slowly increase the number of pages. You will see a great change in yourself. With this method, your speed of reading will also increase.

The average speed of reading of a person is 600 words per minute if you continuously follow your routine and increase the number of pages with time for one year. Your speed of reading will become 900 to 1200 words per minute.

3. Start Many Books At One Time

How To Become A Good Reader

As we are human, so sometimes we don’t want to read one book at all. Start 3 to 4 different books at a time. When you don’t want to read Stories, close the book and read the book of history. But remember one thing, that you must need to complete your chosen pages in every situation.

4. Read Authors of the Books

The fourth thing that you have to do is must read the author of the book. Because when you author will enjoy reading his book. when you read the author before starting a book, it will give you more benefits to understand the book in its true meaning.

If you are obsessed with the author and subject, It will be very easy for you to read.

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