How To Be Your Own Best Friend | 5 Ways

How to be your own best friend

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself”.  Diane Von Furstenberg.

if you just pay close attention to this quote, you will understand your own importance. To know your importance in your life and to be your own best friend is the biggest gift you can over give to yourself. Nothing else can match this.

Why We Need A Best Friend

At every stage of life, we are in the search of a good and sincere friend. To whom we could speak our hearts. Who can help us when we going through a difficult time in life and when we get stuck somewhere in life, he can show us the right way out. Almost our whole life is spent in this search but in the end, we failed to find this kind of person.

The reason is that life is very hard, the so-called friends come in good times in our lives and when we go through the most difficult time, these friends go and left us alone in difficulty. This is the bitter reality of life.

The person who stands by at every turn in life, even if it’s a good time or bad, is You Yourself. Your friends, relatives, and other people will just play their role and goes by, you will be the person who will be present throughout the good and bad times.

So, isn’t it necessary to make a healthy relationship with yourself? Yes! It is very necessary to be a best friend of your own for a person who wants to be successful and be able to cope with difficulties in life.

The process of making and improving a friendly relationship with yourself is much easier than looking for someone else who becomes your friend. It is something that needs to work on properly and regularly.

Ways To Become Your Own Best Friend

The following ways will help you a lot to achieve the goal of becoming your own best friend and developing positive self-talk yourself.

1. Be Kind To Yourself

how be your own best friend

The first step to becoming a best friend yourself is to stay kind to yourself. Treat yourself the way you treat your dearest friend. That means you need to stop embarrassing yourself over the little things which have no significance to become your own best friend.

Start valuing yourself. If you don’t value yourself, people will never value you. When you go through a difficult time, don’t wait for the people to come and help you, instead talk to yourself and give courage that you can cope with this difficult time.

2. Work On Your Self-awareness

Self-awareness is very important to become your own best friend because if you don’t know properly yourself then how you would be able to start a good relationship with yourself. You need to know about your strengths so that you can find a way to improve them. And also you need to know about your weakness and flaws in order to fix them because if you don’t your flaws then how you would fix them.

The best way is to start spending more and more time with yourself to know yourself better. For convenience get a pen and write all things you know about yourself. To become a best friend of your own, start working on them.

3. Prioritize Your Needs

how be your own best friend

First comes your need then all other things. No one will care for you without any greed and purpose. The one who is truly sincere to you is you Yourself. You need to start taking care of your needs and put them on the top of the list to develop a good relationship with yourself.

No matter what happens you need to take care of your health, refreshment, your body, mental health, and other important things.

4. Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

No matter what type of person you are Introverts or Extroverts, to become a best friend of your own, you need to enjoy your company and stay happy to spend time with yourself. The most beneficial time in life is what you spend with yourself, nothing else can compete with it.

Learn to enjoy your own company! Travel alone to know yourself better and enjoy the beauty of nature. Start reading your favorite book. And do other activities and find yourself in it.

5. Accept Yourself What You Are

how be your own best friend

Does a good friend accept you with just good qualities and fight with you and hurt you for your shortcomings? Not at all, a true and sincere friend accepts you with both good and bad qualities because he knows that no one in this world is perfect. And it is fact that no one is perfect. Everyone has some shortcomings. So becoming your own best friend you also need to accept yourself for what are. don’t punish yourself for the little things. It will badly affect your personality.

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