Areas Of Child Development

Areas of Child development

The first five years of children play a very important and significant role in their developmental outcomes later in their lives. These first five years of experience show how will they develop into adults. Childhood is one of those phases of life in which the child changes continuously over time and fastly grows physically and mentally. As a parent and take career of children you should need to know this phase of life and exactly what happens during these early stages of development.

The research shows that one-third of parents know and well recognize the importance of the first five years of a child, the rest are unaware and treat them normal instead of teaching and supporting them in learning the most crucial skills of life. As a result, their progress stopped at the very early stages of life and they don’t live life the way it should be.

Here in this article, we will talk about child development, areas, and stages of child development that parents and gardeners need to pay a proper to a child in areas of development.

Child Development

areas of child development

Child development says the changes that occur in the physical, mental, language, thought, health, social, and emotions of a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood [ mainly in the first five years of a child ]. During these stages of life, the child progress from being dependent on parents\guidener to gradually independent.

A child’s development is strongly correlated to their parents\guidener, that how they treat [ positive or negative ] their child. The bond between a child and parent can their future life and relationships.

Areas of child development

Development means changes and growth that occur in a child’s emotions, behaviors, physical and the way he\she communicates.

There are different areas of a child’s development.

1. Physical Development

From the very first day in the womb, a child begins to develop physically. A baby starts as one cell, and gradually develops physically during pregnancy to form a body and prepare for the world after birth. The physical body continues to grow fastly after birth that’s why it is necessary to take care of the child’s head, limbs, and other parts of the body.

When a child grows a little bit after birth, he\she learns how to perform different activities and function with their hands. Other skills like releasing, taking, walking, running, throwing, pulling, pushing, and other important skills related to the body learn with time. These skills help your body to move and their body in different ways.

Parents can help their kid’s physical development by providing different opportunities give courage to them.

2. Intellectual development

areas of child development

The intellectual development of a child includes cognition and creativity. A child’s cognitive skills develop most in the early stages of life than at any other stage of their lives.

When babies reach early childhood, they notice and have a better understanding of how, and where the world works and why. They have a neutral interest in the world by looking at everything around them.

Children are very eager to understand new things and their functions. A child’s brain is empty of other things, so they pick everything very quickly and fast.

The parents need to give their children more time in this stage and allow them to ask questions whenever they don’t understand so they can grow productively.

3. Social Development

Babies need social development so they can talk to other people confidently without hesitation. Social development means how a child interacts with people other than family.

The parents need to don’t isolate their children and give them a free environment to their children so they can learn how to interact with people. This will help a lot in their future life.

4. Emotional Development

Children have high emotions than adult people. Children have the ability to show emotions like happiness, sadness, and stress.

Parents need to show respond to their emotional needs and keep them nurtured. Show your children that you are interested in them, listen to them, and take care of them while they play.

Children always follow their parents, so do good things in front of them and advise them too to do good things.

5. Language Development

Language development means skills used by a child to communicate with other people. It helps a child to say what he wants to say.

After two years of birth, a child tries to speak and gradually learns the mother language. While trying to speak, the parents have the responsibility to show them the ethics and manners of speaking with people.

To build language skills, parents need to speak with their children, ask them questions, and give them books to read, and fairy tales or stories should be told before going to bed.

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