9 Secrets Ways How To Improve Your Body Language

How to improve Body Language

The first thing that people notice about you is your body language. Whatever how confidently you are talking, if the body language doesn’t support you, you fail to make a good impression on people. What you say is only a piece of communication, the rest depends on your body language: the way you are talking, your facial expression, tone of voice, gesture, eye contact, etc.

Strong and appropriate body language is greatly advantageous in one’s life. Proper body language ensures the purpose of verbal communication that you are trying to express. The stronger your body language is, the more you will appear confident and convey your message in the right way.

Studies show that above 55% of messages are conveyed and received through non-verbal communication like gestures, facial expressions, postures, etc. They all lie in body language.

Here in this article, we will discuss Body language and the most impactful ways to improve your body language.

Body Language

Body language is those non-verbal signals that we use to communicate with each other in a better and easily understandable way. These non-verbal signals play a huge part in our communication. These non-verbal signals include some elements like postures, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, body movement, etc.

The key to success in both personal and professional life lies in better communication skills, and the backbone of communication skills is body language.

How to improve the body Language

One can improve their body language in many ways, but here are some sample and easiest ways to improve the body language.

1. Figure out Yourself

The first thing you should do to improve body language is to analyze yourself. When you are talking to people, doing a presentation, or discussing something with friends, take a look at your nonverbal actions, especially your body language.

By practicing analyzing yourself, you will become aware of your actions and know the empty spaces that you have to watch for and mistakes that need more improvement.

2. Make Eye Contact

The most important thing to improve your body language is to make proper eye contact with the person you are talking to. Good eye contact shows the other that you are confident, comfortable, and interested.

make eye contact

 It doesn’t mean that stare all the time at the other face. There is a limit, almost 60% of the time looking at other faces is good enough.

3. Relax your Body

Another way to improve your body language is to relax your body. Shoulder and neck that are too high make the other that you are nervous and uncomfortable while doing the opposite of this showing that you are sad.

So whenever you are talking to someone, make sure that all parts of your body are relaxed and you are comfortable.

4. Mirror the other Person

Make sure to mirror the other person when you are sitting or standing opposite to him while doing a conversation. Match your body position and your tone of voice with the other person you are talking with.

5. Don’t Play With Your Hands

Most people have habits of playing with their hands or with other parts of the body which looks weird and has put a bad impact on your personality.

Instead of playing with your hands, use them according to the sentence you are speaking. This will improve your body language as well as your confidence level.

6. Stand Up Straight

Some people are slouch and bend their back while talking to someone, it is a sign of shyness and anxiety. Stand up stand, straighten your back and open your shoulder while talking to someone. This will feel you more confident.

7. Speak Slowly and Clearly

Speaking fast and unclear can bore the other person and a high chance to end the conversation.

When it comes to your number, speak clearly, it will end your nervousness and boost your self-esteem. Speak slowly So that your audience has a clear idea of what you are saying.

8. Use Proper Gestures and Posture

To improve body language, it is necessary to use and maintain proper gestures and postures to convey your message and point of view in a better way. Proper usage of posture and gestures beautifies the conversation.

Whenever talking to someone make sure to use proper postures and gestures, to boost confidence and improve body language.

9. Smile


As we all know that “first impression is the last impression”. So smile when you first introduce yourself to someone and literally throughout the conversation try to bring a smile to your face. Because of this, a good impression will be put on the person you are talking to, and you will feel confident

Final Thoughts

Body language plays the role of backbone in communication. Your communication depends on your body language. If your body language is proper you will be able to convey your message and understand your point of view to the listener very well.

To improve your body language, follow these steps one by one gradually. With time you will see a great change in your body language and communication.

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