7 Practical Tips and Tricks to Improve Time Management Skills

How to improve Time management

Do you think that Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and other successful entrepreneurs as have also 24 hours in a day as others? So, why do these people seem to achieve more with their time than others? The answer is “Good Time Management”

Whether it is in your personal life or professional life, we don’t achieve as much as we consume time. The main problem is bad time management. If we just learned one skill ( time management ) properly, this one skill can solve all of our problems. For companies and entrepreneurs time lost is equal to a dollar lost.

Time management

Time management means using time productively and efficiently. Time management is the process of planning and organizing, dividing your time between different activities and tasks as much they are needed, to achieve goals and end up with better productivity. Good time management helps to lower stress levels, increase your level of productivity, give opportunities to achieve career and life goals, and also leads you to work smarter, not harder.

The main aim of good time management is to achieve the goal of lifestyle balance you want. To get you started, use these 7 tips and tricks to improve your time management skills, achieve your life and career goals, and increase your productivity.

1. Identify how and where you’re currently spending time

If you want to improve your time management, first you need to figure out how and where you’re going to spend your time that you aren’t able to achieve what you want. it will become pretty much clear to you, how much your time is spent on unproductive thoughts, meaningless conversation, and useless activities. This exercise will also help you understand the importance of time management.

2. Create a daily or weekly schedule and strictly follow it

The key to time management success is to go according to your schedule. Don’t start your day without an organized schedule.  Make a list of tasks that you need to accomplish in a day or week. Once you complete a task, make sure to tick off that task in the list.

3. Set a reminder for all tasks

This step is crucially important how to manage time at work. Set a reminder for all the tasks that you schedule in your daily planner. Here we suggest setting a reminder 20 minutes before the events or meeting so that you can prepare yourself and take the important things calmly.

4. Set a time limit to complete a task (Give each task a specific time)

On your daily planner, setting time limits for completing tasks helps you be more focused and productive. If you don’t finish your task in its limited time, don’t stick to it, move to the next task and come back to it later. Sometimes moving from one task to another refresh your mind and increase your productivity.

5. Prioritize your work

Prioritization is the key to successful time management at work. Make sure to organize your daily planner based on the importance of the tasks rather than the urgency. Once you know where to put energy, you will start to get things in an order that works for your schedule and a daily planner.

6. Deal with stress and anxiety wisely

Stress comes from various causes in different people but it often occurs when we put more work and responsibilities on our body and mind than their capability. As the result, our bodies feel tired and our minds aren’t able to focus properly.

There are various ways to deal with stress and anxiety but the most common are:

  • Take a rest
  • Getting outside
  • Spend time in nature
  • Exercising
  • Practicing meditation

7. Learn to say NO to others

I know that every well-mannered person doesn’t want to disobey or upset someone but you can handle it as per your capability. Politely refuse to accept any additional task if you think that you’re already overloaded with work.

People think that saying NO will make them stupid and idiots, but the truth is that it’s the best way to take care of your health and time.


When you get clear that what you have to do, you will be more focused and productive, and do more in less time.

Keep one thing in mind if you want to improve time management you have to consistently follow these roles because good time management requires regular practice of prioritizing tasks on other activities. Use the above tips and tricks for a month with regularity, you’ll be amazed that how much more productive time you seem to have.

If you have a question or queries, let me know in the comment section. I’ll definitely answer you.

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