6 Ways To Improve your Personality

How to Improve personality

Most people think that personality is permanent and cannot be changed, have you ever thought that? If the answer is Yes, then you are wrong somewhere because when it comes to improving your character and skills the possibilities are endless.

Also before 1890, it was a concept that personality is permanent but in 1890 William James a famous psychologist came and do his research about the psychology of a person. Finally, he wrote a book called “The Principles of Psychology” and claim that Personality is “set in plaster” by early adulthood.

I’m sure you will observe many people in your own life who were introverts, shy, and do not talk to people but with time they have worked harder to polish their personality skills, and in a short period of time and became the center of attraction all the time.

What is Personality?

what is personality

Personality refers to the thinking, feelings, and behavior of an individual in a specific way. No two or more individuals are the same, every individual has his own way of thinking, feelings, behaving toward people’s emotions, and taking things from his own perspective in this world.

Good personality needs for every person to succeed in life because more than 85% of our success depends on how we think, make decisions and interact with people.

Having a good personality doesn’t mean just looking beautiful but to likable, interesting, and pleasant with others

To improve your personality you can look into the following factors

6 Ways To Improve Your Personality

1. Be a Good Listener

If you are a good listener, you have more chances to learn a lot from your surroundings because when you give attention to people and give importance to them, they will love to talk to you and spend more time with you.

When others speaking, try to listen to them carefully and show them by responding that you hear them carefully.

2. Improve Your Conversational and Reading Skills

Your conversation skills play an important role in your personality. You will be good at conversation when you have good knowledge about different topics. To improve your knowledge you have to develop reading skills in yourself. Try to read a few articles almost every day with your phone to improve your reading skills and keep updating yourself on the current situation too.

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The more you have knowledge about current scenarios the more interesting you will be to others. This will help you to share your knowledge and discuss different things with others also.

3. Be Confident

be confident

Confidence is the key to your personality. Being confident about who you are and what are you doing is very important for your personality development. Never underestimate your abilities. You can do everything until you don’t give up.  Read motivation quotes and try to boost your self-esteem with the help of these quotes and maintain your delicate and charming personality.

4. Be Yourself

The most difficult and annoying thing is trying to be something that you are not. Accept yourself what you are, and don’t go for those things that you can’t be capable of it. Everyone is not made for one thing. Each one of us has different abilities and talents.

Never tried to become like another person, follow good things and work on being the best version of yourself.

5. Improve Body Language

Body language is very important for your charming personality. Everyone will judge you on your body language. The better your body language the more people will impress on your personality.

Everything like how you talk, smile, sit, listen, and eat your use of gestures and posture leaves an impact on people

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6. Learn New Things Almost Everyday

learn new things

I’m sure you will hear this statement “When something new comes along, the old thing loses its significance”

Don’t stick to one place. Every day try to learn something new. Observe everything around you. Try to expand the world, and never underestimate yourself so that you can’t learn more. Be a student of learning new things till your last breath.


We as a human has the ability to change our personality the way we want. personality plays an important role in your personal as well as professional life. Try to add something new (positive) to your personality.

If you want to improve your personality follow these steps with honesty, you will see positive changes in your personality in a very short time.

I hope you will enjoy this article.

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